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Friday, January 31, 2020

What to do if your hair is easily to get oily?

Ways to reduce hair oil

Reasons for easy oily hair

Frequent shampooing will exacerbate oily conditions

We all know that if you don’t wash your hair for a long time, you will get oil, but too often you will get oil. Sebum is secreted according to information feedback. After washing your hair frequently to wash the oil on your scalp, sebum will receive a message of "oil shortage" and then secrete oil, which will cause more and more oil to be secreted Hair is getting oilier.

Inappropriate shampoo selection

There are many types of shampoo products on the market. Good shampoo products play a key role in the health of hair and scalp. Some more moisturizing products will prevent the hair from getting a comprehensive deep cleansing, and long-term use will cause hair health problems.

Conditioner used incorrectly

The conditioner and hair mask used after shampooing can moisturize the hair, but these hair care products can only be applied to the hair and cannot touch the scalp. Because the moisturizing ingredients in the hair mask conditioner will make the freshly washed scalp "dirty", which will cause the hair to fall out.

Overuse of chemical hair products

Using hair sprays, sprays and other styling products will keep your hair out of the air for a long time, which will make your scalp more greasy. In addition, if the hair products are used excessively and are not cleaned thoroughly, they will accumulate on the hair and scalp, which will cause the hair to become oily for a long time.

how to wash hair in correct way

Ways to reduce hair oil

Rinse the controllable oil with clean water every other time

If you are used to washing your hair every day, or if you do n’t wash your hair, you will secrete too much oil. Even if you wash your hair every day, you do n’t need to wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner. And stains on the scalp, but it will not increase the secretion of oil. For those who do not have serious oiliness, it is sufficient to wash their heads two or three times a week.

Don't dry clean hair and reduce massage time

Many people like to go to the barbershop to dry their hair, just pour the shampoo on the dry hair and rub it for more than 10 minutes. In fact, oily hair massage and rubbing the scalp will only promote the stronger secretion of oil, and the hairdresser's shampoo is not very reliable. It is recommended to wash wet quickly.

Do less combing hair

Although massaging the scalp with fingers and belly has a certain health effect in the morning and evening, for the scalp which is easy to produce oil, this will passively disperse the oil to the hair shaft, stimulate the secretion of oil, and increase the oil production.

Improve lifestyle

In daily life, we must pay special attention to prohibiting the habit of scratching the scalp or touching the hair with your hands. When combing your hair, you should use a comb to start from the root and gently comb it. Do not comb with extra force.

We usually don't tie our hair as a kind of protection for the hair. Avoid pulling on hair. Don't eat irritating and spicy foods. The diet is mainly light. Control the frequency of shampooing three to four times a week.

Use of conditioner

Most of the conditioner contains silicon. If it is necessary to use the conditioner, try not to let the conditioner touch the scalp, and rinse it out. Be sure to rinse it out. In fact, in daily life, our white vinegar can replace the conditioner, which can achieve a soft and smooth effect, and it is also natural and healthy.

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