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Saturday, February 1, 2020

How often should you wash your hair female?

Some people bathe and wash their hair every day, some wash it every three days, and others can barely wash it once a week. If you wash it diligently, you will feel dirty because you do not wash it diligently, and if you do not wash it diligently, you will have a saying: "Did you wash your hair so hard?

In fact, there have been a lot of scientific studies to prove that shampooing every day can keep the hair clean and healthy, and make the hair beautiful and supple. But in reality, many people have misunderstandings about shampooing every day, and think that shampooing is harmless but not beneficial.

how to improve hair health and growth

The first wrong concept

Everyday shampooing can make your hair dry and yellow. Some people worry that every day shampooing will wash away the oil from your hair, making your hair dry, yellow, and unkempt, but most medical experts believe that this worry is unnecessary.

Because normal people have about 144 to 192 sebaceous glands per square centimeter of scalp tissue, these sebaceous glands continuously secrete oil every day. Therefore, if it is normal hair washing, it will not only damage the hair, but also stimulate the normal secretion of sebaceous glands, maintain and adjust the balance of sebum, and make the hair full of luster and elasticity.

In contrast, the presence of excessive sebum can easily cause the accumulation of dirt and dandruff, block the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, affect the normal secretion of sebum, hinder the absorption of nutrients at the root of the hair, make the hair yellow and dry, and can cause hair loss in severe cases; dirty Messy hair is likely to become a hotbed of harmful microorganisms, causing inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Especially in summer or people with oily hair, because the skin oil secretion is very strong, and the hair is greasy, if the oil remains on the hair for a long time, and it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to be contaminated with dust and dirt, resulting in hair surface The unevenness makes the hair dull and dull, and it increases the friction between the hairs. When combing, it is easy to cause damage to the hair quality, hair opening and even breakage. Therefore, daily shampooing can remove dust, dirt and oil from the hair, effectively reducing the chance of hair splitting and breaking.

The second wrong concept

Daily shampooing increases dandruff. In fact, the dandruff seen by the human eye is a normal metabolite in the process of keratinization of the scalp. It is constantly falling off as the skin's metabolism progresses. Under normal circumstances, when the body or skin function is abnormal, dandruff can be significantly increased. Dandruff caused by dry skin and lack of moisture is white and dry.

Medical research believes that the cause of increased dandruff is more complicated. It may be the residual substances from hair sprays, shampoos, etc., or the clinical manifestations of seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infection, lack of B vitamins, mental stress, Excessive use of the brain will also lead to increased dandruff, and there is no necessary connection between increased dandruff and shampooing.

The third wrong concept

Daily shampooing can cause hair loss As for saying that daily shampooing can cause hair loss, there is no scientific basis. Because the hair roots grow in the deep dermis of the skin, normal hair washing only cleans the hair surface, it is impossible to damage the deep hair root tissues, and if the number of hair loss per day is only 50 to 100, this is the natural hair. Fall off. Even in the case of hair loss during the shampooing process, most of them are caused by improper use of shampoo products or too rough methods of washing, regardless of the frequency of the shampoo itself and the shampoo.

To have a flowing and beautiful hair, you must first have fresh and clean hair as the basis, and then you can understand the fashionable (microblogging) avant-garde hairstyle, so from the perspective of medicine and aesthetics, clean hair is the best in hair care. The basic and most critical step.

Frequent shampooing, timely removal of dirt on the hair surface, and removal of germ culture media can significantly reduce the generation of dandruff and increase the smoothness and combability of hair. Therefore, frequent shampooing will not only increase dandruff, but also make the hair dry, yellow, and shed, but will make the hair more shiny and elastic. Therefore, the best way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful is to wash your hair regularly and regularly.

washing natural hair tips and tricks

best frequency to wash hair?

How often is the hair washed? how to improve hair health and growth? There is no absolute scientific plan for the frequency of shampooing. It depends on the individual's situation, how comfortable it is and how to care for it, and the quality of the hair. The frequency varies from season to season!

For oily hair

how often should you wash oily hair? If the person with oily hair is in the summer, due to strong sebum excretion, the hair is thick and thick, easy to knot, and is not supple. Therefore, people with oily hair in the summer should shampoo once a day to ensure clean and healthy hair. Normal or dry hair: The frequency of cleaning hair can be adjusted to 4-5 times a week. If the temperature rises or is often outdoors, the hair is easily irritated by strong ultraviolet rays and dust in the air. To avoid damage to the hair quality, it is also recommended to wash your hair every day.

The selection of oily hair shampoo can be refreshing, and the conditioner should be used sparingly, and a moderate amount can be used on the hair!

For neutral hair

Neutral hair has less oil than oily hair. You can wash it once every two to three days. Wash and not wash to see your mood. Shampoo is also a good choice. You can use it, depending on your needs!

For Dry hair

Dry hair, less scalp oil, frizzy hair, itchy scalp, and more dandruff! It can be washed once every two to three days. It can be cleaned moderately to reduce the burden of dust and dandruff on the scalp, and use conditioner to supplement the hair, so that the hair can be smooth and flexible.

washing hair tips at home

1. Shampoo should be applied to the hair. Do not touch the scalp directly, it will irritate the scalp!

2. Don't touch the scalp directly with the conditioner. The time is about 5 minutes, not too long. Wash it after use!

3. The temperature of the shampoo should not be too high, which will damage the hair and scalp!

4. After washing your hair, dry it in time to prevent moisture from entering your body!

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